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Matt Stinchcomb

Executive Director

Matt Stinchcomb is the Executive Director of Etsy.org, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to​ h​elping people develop the skills, connections, and wisdom needed to use commerce as a tool to regenerate the self, the community, and the Earth. Previously, he was the VP, Values and Impact at Etsy.com. In that role he oversaw the stewardship of the company's mission, and worked to give all employees the means and the desire to maximize the benefit their work has on people and the planet. He was an employee of Etsy since its earliest days.  

In 2013, Matt was named a GOOD ‘Figure of Progress’. The next year he was named as one of the Purpose Economy 100.  Matt serves on the boards of the Schumacher Center for New Economics and the Center for a New American Dream. He is a graduate of Oberlin College, and a reformed, professional musician. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Benedikta, and their young sons, Francis and Lewie.