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Denver, CO
Would you like to talk about the capacity to multiply social impact through your product or service? I can help you see how future iterations of your product can make the world a better place.... now doesn't that make you feel better already?
I can also talk about the small luxury goods startup I founded and sold, or my successes in nonprofit leadership, or my experiences in Guatemala consulting for an intercultural school attended mostly by indigenous Maya.
The biggest impact I've made is in education, I have founded and directed a K-8 charter school, and now I'm working on extending globally from there with a student generated project platform that will reveal how to educate for the future and will ignite social impact. It's called STEAMgen... ask me about it!
I am attending the Boulder StartUp week for inspiration, innovation and collaboration. Serendipitous occurences are a result of skill, passion and action so the BSUW is a prime place for meeting potential collaborators. I also am interested in open positions with tech companies that are intent on authenticating their brand and building equity by finding commonality with a cause and including social impact as a metric in their value equation.